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Dress Regulations

This page contains many useful links for Cadets to better understand how to properly wear and take care of their uniforms.


A Link to the Full CJCR Dress Instructions can be found here

Orders of Dress
C-1 Ceremonial Dress
C1A Ceremonial Dress.png
C-2 Mess Dress
C2 Mess Dress.png
C-3 Ribbons
C3 Service Dress.png
C-3B Short Sleeve
C3B Short Sleeve Service Dress.png
C-3E Blue T-Shirt & Tunic
C3E Blue T-Shirt Service Dress.png
C-3F Blue T-Shirt
C3F Blue T-Shirt Only Service Dress.png
Badge Placement
Left Arm
Air Cadet Left Sleeve.png
Right Arm
Air Cadet Right Sleeve.png
Left Pocket
Right Pocket
Hair Standards - Male
Male Hair Standards.png

Hair not to exceed 6" in length and 4cm in bulk on the top of the head. 

Beards must be worn with a Mustache, and may not exceed 2cm in bulk. 

Facial Hair Standards.png
Hair Standards - Female
Female Hair Standard.png
Female Hair Standards - Ponytail.png

Looking for something not outlined here? Find all the information regarding Dress Regulations at the link at the top of the page. 

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